We Are The In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd
The Cockpit, Leeds
24th April 2012
Support from: The Summer Set & Super Prime

With fans queuing up outside the small Leeds venue 4 hours before doors are even set to open, it’s clear something special is going to happen tonight.

One year ago We Are The In Crowd were just setting their mark on the UK music scene with a slot at Slam Dunk Festival and a small fan base following. Fast forward to April 2012 and Tay Jardine and Co have broken into the scene at record speed with an incredible reaction to their support on the All Time Low’s January tour and just 3 months later they’re back with an almost sold out UK tour of their own and a place at Nottingham’s Hit the Deck festival. With their unique dual vocals and fresh sound it’s no wonder the band have done so well in such a short time. They’re known for putting on incredible shows with Tay Jardines distinct voice backed up with guitarists’ Jordan Eckes raw vocals this team are unstoppable.

Before the band take tonight’s stage, first support comes from new boys on the scene, Super Prime. The boys have been compared to the likes of Blink 182 and NOFX, however, I can’t help but see childhood favourites, Busted in tonight’s set. Being thrust into the spotlight so early could be the wrong way to go about the boys musical direction as there are moments in the set where it’s clear they’ve yet to master stage presence and some of their songs lack what talent these boys could have. Although the crowd seem a little unimpressed, they do get them jumping when they do their cover of Fall Out Boys Sugar We’re Going Down and their own song ‘vow’, which members of the audience appear to know. Not a terrible band by any means but vocals and performance really need to be worked on before another UK tour.

Second to take the stage is Arizonian Pop Punkers The Summer Set. This may only be their second time to the UK but they’ve managed to get some fans out tonight. With their youthful vocals sounding a lot like The Rocket Summer, this band has great things to come from our country. Even if people didn’t know of The Summer Set before tonight, the whole room was jumping by the end of their set. With an incredibly lively performance, the band made sure they gave it all they’ve got and frontman, Brian Dale, even gave some handy advice for budding musicians: when song writing about a girl/guy, never name it after them. This was said right before jumping straight into the pop punk infused Chelsea.  If this band have proved anything it’s that they know exactly how to be the perfect support band by getting the crowd ridiculously excited for the shape of things to come.

With a crowded room full of chants, We Are The in Crowd finally take to the stage opening with Rumour Mill, as soon as Tay and Jordan open their mouths it’s like listening to them at home, they’re voices are just as perfect live as on a CD. The band continue to play songs from 2011’s first full length album, Best Intentions which gets the crowd going crazy, especially when Tay gives it all she’s got with most recent release Kiss Me Again which saw the addition of Alex Gaskarth on the UK Tour, but sadly, All Time Low weren’t to hand, so Brian from The Summer Set steps in to take his place.

As the set continues, there’s a real lack of older songs by the band, but this was soon put to bed as Tay and Co are about to raise the bar as they sing almost the entirety of EP Guaranteed to Disagree including Carry Me Home, which wasn’t going to be played due to Tays voice starting to go, she may be small but she’s mighty and willing to do anything to make sure her fans aren’t disappointed. It’s clear how grateful they are as a whole and they look taken aback by just how loud the Leeds audience can be, they even join in as the crowd repeat their signature ‘Yorkshire’ chants.

Before ending tonight’s show, the band has managed to reach such heights where an encore works perfectly for them. A surprising choice for an encore, as Tay begins to sing the ballad You’ve Got It Made, a slower song that the band don’t tend to opt for, but the room is silenced as her voice echoes throughout. There’s no denying the talent that lies inside and out on this band. They end tonight’s show on Both Sides of the Story a song which truly makes the entire audience end on a high.

If you’ve not had a chance to see We Are The In Crowd yet, then make sure you get a ticket when they return to the UK as if anything’s for certain, they’re not going to be playing the small venues for much longer if they keep selling out shows like this.

— Stevie

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