Vans Off The Wall Music Night Tour 2012

Vans Off the Wall Music Night Tour feat: Young Guns, We Are The In Crowd, Your Demise and Marmozets
HMV Ritz, Manchester
13th October 2012


After more than 5 years hosting the annual Vans Off the Wall Music Night, it’s clear that 2012 marks the year in which the tour has finally come into its element. Tonight’s show at the HMV Ritz also happens to be the 5th consecutive sold out night for this year’s headliners, Young Guns.

Unlike many other annual tours, Vans Off The Wall always makes sure it pleases a wide range of people by providing the crowd with a mix of genres always providing something for everyone and this year sees no different.

Starting the evening at an early time of 6:50 are up and coming screamers, Marmozets. With a band that describe their style as ‘Rawkous Alternative Math Energy’ it’s obvious this band have that unique quirkiness the music industry is in such dire for nowadays. With a female fronted vocalist in tow, it’s a fresh change to not be able to compare them to every other heavier hardcore act out there. Sadly tonight the crowd didn’t seem to get as involved with them as hoped and were perhaps a tad too heavy for fans that came out to see the headliners. On their own territory you just know this band can complete own an audience however tonight’s slightly younger and milder crowd didn’t give Marmozets the reaction they deserved.

A well-fitting follow up from Marmozets consists of a band that really don’t need much of an introduction anymore as Your Demise have managed to make a huge success for themselves since forming only 3 years ago. Although the boys did manage to create a few pits throughout their set and had some fans in the room with the Ritz being such a large venue, some of these pits and crowd surfers which this band are used too seemed almost lost against the grandness and vast amount of space within the venue. It’s a shame more people didn’t turn up just for YD tonight but the crowd redeemed themselves by singing along with the track that shows of the versatility of the band having the ability to not scream in every track they produce, ‘These Lights’ taken off the band’s debut album, ‘The Golden Age’.

Third in tonight’s line up are one of CtrlAltRocks’ favourites, New Yorkers, We Are The In Crowd. This band seem to be able to do no wrong lately with their success sky rocketing over here with the band putting in so much time for the UK fans with the Vans Tour being their third trip over here just this year. As expected, this is when the crowd finally started to move as leading lady, Tay Jardine made sure every single person in the room got involved during their set in with they turned out hit after hit from both EP, Guaranteed to Disagree and debut album, Best Intentions. Infact, Tay and the boys had the crowd so soaked up in their presence that at one point she realised she didn’t need to sing as the crowd were doing all that hard work for her. The set came entirely into its own when they kicked into Kiss me Again, the track that usually features All Time Low frontman, Alex Gaskarth. Tonight proved that hard work and dedication completely pays off as We are the In Crowd owned the stage and captured the heart of the entire crowd.

To finish off the night in style, Buckinghamshire Quintet, Young Guns were the reason a lot of people were here tonight. With a deafening amount of screams as the boys took to the stage to perform Dearly Departed which had a jumping crowd before the band even had a chance to rip into the chorus. Although the band didn’t seem to take over the stage the same way in which all 3 supports did, this didn’t seem to matter much as the hordes of girls were completely in awe of them. Playing a strong setlist of 14 songs including Weight of the World, D.O.A and even having the time to include a killer encore for two Young Guns classics Winter Kiss and Bones the boys know how to put on an incredible show. It was also great to see a band that were so grateful for the support of the fans over the past few years which was massively backed by a crowd singing Happy Birthday to drummer, Ben Joliffe.

Overall, the mix of bands tonight may seem like a bit of risky move but once again, Vans off the wall music night proved that it works. Although not every band may have had the crowd they are used too, there was something for everyone at the HMV Ritz and not one band disappointed.

The tour is set to next move onto Europe where they will say goodbye to Marmozets and be joined by the band that seem to be taking over the music media at the moment, Don Broco where all four bands will continue until mid-November when the tour comes to an end in the Netherlands.

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