The Swellers 2010

The Swellers
Electric Ballroom, London
December 2010

Being placed in the support slot for a band with a dedicated fanbase is, traditionally, an uphill struggle. Either you’re faced with a sea of crossed arms and bored faces, or there is no audience for you at all. For The Swellers, supporting Young Guns alongside Japanese Voyeurs, they seem to have…none of these issues at all, actually.

Hailing from Flint, Michigan, The Swellers are the only American band on the bill this evening. As well as this, their pop punk sound is almost entirely different from the grunge of Japanese Voyeurs and Young Guns’ modern rock. Yet as they launch headfirst into tracks from the brilliant latest album ‘Ups and Downsizing’, the crowd is off its feet and singing along to the hooks like lifelong fans. ‘Fire Away’, particularly, which has received a fair amount of air play in the UK, is sung back to the quartet twice as loud as it is played.

It is obvious that this crowd did not cone to see this band- the ubiquity of Young Guns merch is a clear indicator of this. But judging by the winding line building up to buy The Swellers’ CD at the end of the show, it is easy to see that on the band’s return, they’ll be playing to an entirely new group of fans.

— Beth

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