Mayday Parade 2010

Mayday Parade  with The Maine
The Garage, Glasgow
4th October 2010

Tonight’s gig differed slightly from those usually held at The Garage. Advertised as a jaunt to be co-headlined by Mayday Parade and The Maine, the sold out tour turned out to be exactly as billed with just the two bands playing, each with a set time that pushed past the sixty minute mark. With no support acts to get the crowd warmed up, it was down to The Maine to get the party started.

Two years had passed since The Maine had last toured the UK. From the moment the band stepped on stage it was clear that those 24 months had been well spent relentlessly touring stateside, honing their musicianship and thus their overall live performance. They opened their set with a yet-to-be-named new track, which carried the more visceral and organic vibe found on most recent album, Black & White.  The new material keeps on coming, with Right Girl providing bassist Garrett Nickelsen the chance to show off his skills on the tambourine. There was something here for fans old and new, with The Way We Talk and Count ‘Em 1,2,3 really getting the crowd going. Whilst undeniably catchy on record, these older songs seemed to take on a whole new life in this live setting, with a raw, electric edge lurking under the feel-good lyrics.

It was definitely a night to remember for Amy and Carla, two fans who were chosen to join the band on stage to sing the final chorus of Girls Do What They Want.  Somehow spontaneous and laidback all at the same time, The Maine were about nothing more than having a good time tonight. Their set drew to a close with the wonderfully whimsical We’ll All Be… and the band left the stage amidst thanks you’s and promises to return in March. If the reaction of tonight’s crowd is anything to go by, it looks like they’ll be welcomed back with open arms.

Next up were Mayday Parade, who launched straight into Walk on Water or Drown with the explosive energy that would power the rest of their set. Vocalist Derek Sanders had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand from the word ‘go’, bouncing around the stage like a man possessed, all the time managed to stay pitch perfect.  Material from both albums and the band’s first EP was given an airing this evening, with Three Cheers For Five Years being a particular favourite with the crowd. However, it was undoubtedly piano number Miserable At Best that stole the show, with the crowd singing their Scottish hearts out.

The final song of the night was Jersey and the set ended with the same high-voltage energy with which it had begun. If you like Mayday Parade on record then you are going to love them live – punchy guitars, heartfelt lyrics and a stage presence that most bands dream of having all combined here tonight to deliver a performance that was second to none.


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