Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong
HMV Institute, Birmingham
26th January 2011
Support from: A Loss For Words & Don Broco

Tonight’s sold out show can only mean the HMV Institute is going to get hot, with a line-up that only comes round once in a blue moon, there’s no wonder people are waiting outside hopeful they can buy a ticket off somebody.

Warming up the freezing cold venue tonight were Bedford boys, Don Broco, after a highly successful 2011, the boys have been thrown into the British limelight. Playing songs off EP ‘Big Fat Smile’ proved there were a few fans that truly knew their Broco knowledge. Frontman, Rob, was not scared to ask the crowd to start pits continuously throughout the set, before joining them himself halfway in and finding himself being crushed by fans. An energetic opening act who come with their own dance routines. The band also played 2 new songs that will be released on new album later this year. If tonight’s set was anything to go by, 2012 could be a truly successful year for the Broco boys.

Quick to take the stage after Don Broco, came 2nd support band, A Loss For Words who could simply be a headliner themselves on a UK tour but have decided to come over to support fellow Massachusetts boys, Four Year Strong. An incredible set which had humour, passion and even sadness at times. Frontman, Matt Arsenault clearly knows how to put on an amazing show with over a decade of experience in the band. The setlist included favourites Hold Your Breath and Pirouettes, however, the highlight has to be the acoustic version of Mount St. Joseph where there was nothing but silence in the room as he sung about the tragic loss of his old best friend. For anyone who wasn’t aware of A Loss For Words, they will be now, so perhaps a UK headline tour for the boys could be in the pipeline?

As tonight’s headliners it’s pretty obvious to say, Four Year Strong did not disappoint, although there seemed to be a lot of younger fans in tonight’s audience, this didn’t stop them going crazy to every song on the setlist. This may only be the Four Year Strong boys’ second night on the tour, but they’re most definitely not easing themselves in with energy that puts any new band to shame, after all these boys have 11 years’ experience at it.

There was little audience participation tonight which showed little personality to the band as previously seen at shows, however, the advantage to this was the amount of songs the bands got to cram in. This included the classic favourites Bada Bing! Wit’ a Pipe! and Your Song

In November last year, came the release of latest album ‘In Some Way, Shape or Form’ which saw a more mature side to the band. Although not everyone took to this album its clear none of those fans are in tonight’s’ audience with a setlist mainly made up of songs off said album and 2010’s breakthrough album, ‘Enemy of the World’. Needless to say the room shook when the guys went into singalong classic ‘It must really suck to be Four Year Strong right now’ before coming back to a tremendous encore to leave everyone with Wasting Time (Eternal Summer).

There’s no doubt tonight’s show was something special, with a killer line up and passionate crowd, the future of the tour can only look bright for Four Year Strong and Co.


— Stevie

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