Blitz Kids 2010

Blitz Kids
Cathouse, Glasgow
28th November 2010

As you are undoubtedly aware, the entire country has come to a frozen standstill over the past week or so, with gigs being cancelled all over the shop.  However last Sunday Blitz Kids braved the road from Leeds to Glasgow to play in the city’s Cathouse.  Unfortunately there were travel nightmares aplenty throughout Scotland, with most of the public transport feeding the city grinding to a snowy stop.  This meant that by the time the band took to the stage only about thirty or so people were in the venue – and the majority of these were members of the supporting bands and crew.  Yet what the crowd may have lacked in quantity Blitz Kids more than made up for with the sheer quality of their performance, filling the room with noisy riffs from the start.

Many of the songs aired tonight have yet to be released and are scheduled to appear on the band’s forthcoming debut album.  This was a risky move given the amount of people in the crowd which definitely paid off because what resulted was a light-hearted, intimate performance that gave a glimpse of the exciting direction Blitz Kids are headed. Current single Story went down a treat, with older material Maybe We’ll Die, Maybe We Won’t getting the kids on the barrier singing along.

Blitz Kids have a promising future ahead of them and, weather permitting, I get the feeling that their next headline show will be a lot better attended.  Their previous two EP’s have already generated quite a stir and with a full-length release on the horizon it seems that 2011 could well be the year of Blitz Kids.

Current single Story, featuring Aled Phillips of Kids in Glass Houses, is available for free download from


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