All Time Low

All Time Low
HMV Forum
4th February 2012

The end-of-tour rituals for any band are simple and finite; you must, without fail, prank the other bands you are touring with. Earlier in the evening, We Are The In Crowd had their water bottles filled with vodka and their set interspersed with noises from a porno. After that, The Maine were gate-crashed by the arrival of a picnic blanket, some cheese, wine and half of the tour. The fun, however, has only just begun.

As they draw their mammoth 19-date tour to a close, All Time Low take to the stage bathed in one of the most spectacular light shows I’ve ever been witness to and break into their unashamedly poppy, riotously fun set. Half of the band is plagued by illness, but you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you play close attention to the slightly nasally-voiced banter. Fan favourites Coffeeshop Soundtrack and Six Feet Under The Stars are interspersed with new hits I Feel Like Dancin and Heroes. It takes a few songs, but lo and behold, the band soon fall victim to their own game and are greeted by a sofa being carried on stage by their support bands that becomes a spontaneous crash spot (and for the next song, a Westlife-esque perch for the three members of ATL not behind a drum kit).

This band have been on the receiving end of a considerable amount of criticism – they’re not a ‘real’ band, they’re not as good as they were, and that old favourite word ‘sell outs’ gets thrown around a hell of a lot. But, as they invite the rest of their tour mates on stage for the customary end-of-tour photo and tear straight into their encore of Do You Want Me (Dead?), Weightless and Dear Maria, there’s absolutely nothing phoney or false about their relentless energy, genuine talent and ability to evoke a stunning crowd response.  Sit down, haters. This is what being at the top of your game really looks like.

– Beth

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