Aiden Grimshaw

Aiden Grimshaw
King Tut’s, Glasgow
27th September 2012

A lot of people are likely to be puzzled upon reading a news post here at CtrlAltRock that’s about a former X Factor contestant, but when said former contestant manages to successfully distance themselves from the SyCo machine and undergo a wholly more organic process in order to create a record that we feel is worth a listen.

Enter Aiden Grimshaw; a 2010 contestant who, regardless of strong support from the judges during the competition, finished ninth, while many felt that he had been a contender for the crown. Two years later Aiden has managed to come back fighting with debut album ‘Misty Eye’ along with an intimate UK tour that’s drawn enough interest to sell out a number of dates.

Tonight was the lone Scottish show, and with it being held in the legendary King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, it’s unsurprisingly sold out.

Aiden kicks the set off with Hold On, the second track on his debut album. It’s a powerful and dramatic opener that aptly reflects his experience of the big world since leaving the TV talent show. This is followed by electronic inspired track, and debut single, Is This Love.

While there’s only so many songs an artist with a single album to his name can play, the performance isn’t by any means brief. The set is mixed with anecdotes from Aiden regarding the trials and tribulations of the two years he’s worked tirelessly to create Misty Eye. He talks of his mum’s concern for him, and how it led to what can only be considered as ballad Be Myself.

 As the set draws to a close with latest single Curtain Call, a raucous cry of ”one more tune” is called out across the dim room. Keen to please, Aiden promptly returns to the stage minutes later to thank the crowd for their support before performing deluxe track Chokehold. With his band around him at the front of the stage this time with a single drum, cymbal and a handful of mics Aiden becomes immediately more at ease. This track is by far his best performance of the night, and it’s a pity it’s missing from the standard album. With its Mumford and Sons folky flair and gang-type vocals it’s a more up-tempo track than most that leaves the crowd feeling elated, as well as demonstrating that Aiden has left the moody stage presence of Mad World long behind him.

Full gallery of photos from the show can be seen here

Misty Eye is out now on RCA Records and is available from itunes, and all good music retailers.


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