5th June, 2011 

There are three things one can always count on when visiting the UK: rain, overpriced cider and travel inconveniences. It’s the latter that keeps main support Hyro Da Hero from making the venue in time tonight, leaving 3OH!3 facing the unfavourable situation of going on to a stilted crowd. Not that it should phase them, mind you. After all, this band earned its live stripes winning over the cross-armed masses of Warped Tour, so a thousand bored fans should pose no problem.

And…well, it isn’t. Not in the slightest. Sorry, Hyro, really, but this crowd belongs to 3OH!3 after all of the thirty seconds it takes to reach the chorus of Starstrukk. There’s no discernible pit, nor a group of reluctant tag-a-long friends just going for a night out. Instead, the entire room gets off its feet and dances. There are a vast amount of parents crowding around the bar who are even drawn to bop their heads to the infectious rhythm…here’s hoping that they don’t take time to listen to the duo’s tongue in cheek lyrics, or this may be little Jane Doe’s first and last gig experience.

As it turns out, the lack of support act seems to be entirely fortuitous for 3OH!3 fans. Including impromptu covers and jazz improvisations, their set reaches a whopping nineteen songs. After an hour and a half, I would expect most bands to be panting into their mics, perhaps settling down for a little rest and a cup of tea. Not so, it seems, with the Energiser bunny duo of Sean and Nat bouncing and swinging their frames around the six-foot high stage. I’d never make the case for 3OH!3 as musical visionaries, or contenders for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But, after a set of fist-pumping gems such as “House Party” and “I’m Not Your Boyfriend, Baby”, I’m not afraid to put my hands up and call them one of the most fun live bands on the touring circuit today.

– Beth

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