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On their second visit to the UK, Arizonia pop-punk band, The Summer Set have joined forces with We Are The In Crowd to tour around this year’s Hit the Deck festival. We caught up with frontman, Brian Dale before their Leeds show to talk Jay-Z, British fans, and their next record, about Temple Run and Swimming Pools…


You’re currently on tour with We are the In Crowd, how’s that gone so far?
So awesome. we were originally put on this as a last minute thing but I’ve not been more than pleased with how the tours gone. The shows have almost all been sold out. It’s great.

You’ve just played Hit the Deck Festival in Nottingham, how was that?
Hit the deck was pretty good; we feel we’re a little poppier for that. It was kinda heavy, I feel my lack of neck tattoo and my Mickey Mouse sweater didn’t really fit me in with everyone else but I feel like we brought it we had a good show.

If you had the opportunity to create your own festival who would you have as the headliners?

Just Jay-z?
Just Jay-z. I don’t really like the idea of artist’s pigeon holing themselves with certain types of band. I’d love to play a festival where we played with Jay-z, Jimmy Eat World, fun. or All Time Low.

So really Hit the Deck was good as it mixed those genres together with heavier meets poppier bands?
I mean, yeah kinda. It’s not entirely my cup of tea but everything else is. I don’t think an artist should pigeon hole themselves; the ultimate goal is to play for everybody

Did you get the chance to check out anyone you liked at the festival or any new bands?
There wasn’t really anyone I liked at the festival. I didn’t watch anybody.

The tour so far has had mainly sold out dates, which has been your personal favourite so far?
It’s tied between Manchester and Glasgow. It’s really hard to compare. Glasgow was the biggest for sure. It was amazing. We had actually been to Glasgow and Manchester before so we had a little headway but both of them were fantastic.

Have you been to the UK many times before?
Just once. We played like seven shows, they were small shows. They were great but a lot of new cities on this tour.

Have you found thanks to the past tour, there’s a much bigger turn out this year?
Absolutely I mean, We Are The In Crowd are doing really well over here so being able to come over here with them, to see them doing so well has been great.

Have you found you’ve gained a new following of fans from those who originally came to see We Are The In Crowd and had never heard of you before?
Absolutely, it’s like a different effect in the states. Over there we’ve finally been picked up and we’ve had the same kind of fan base but it seems like We Are The In Crowd picked up over here really really quickly and it’s the same type of fan we’ve always played for so I had a good feeling knowing we were going to be playing for that kid knowing that a lot of them wouldn’t of heard us over here and it’s nice to then play for that demographic and win them over.

Have you found UK and American audiences differ at all?
Not really, it’s kinda the same. UK kids like to move around, I like the energy over here more. We’re still pretty new over here so the singing isn’t quite so loud. They don’t get to see bands like us very often so when they do, it’s very appreciative and they take it for it is and treat every show with all this energy

Have you found even though many aren’t really aware of The Summer Set, they still get involved?
I don’t let people not get involved, I do not care. I don’t care if you’ve never heard of us before, I will yell at you until you’re involved. Don’t ever give me a microphone if you don’t want to follow my rules.

You’ve been travelling all over the UK how do you manage to past the time whilst going from city to city?
Temple Run. It’s embarrassing, it’s sad. We’re in a foreign country, we’re in Europe getting to see places we’ve never seen before and the five of us can’t look up from our phones because we’re competing against each other on Temple Run. Infact today, I told someone I was going for a run but I actually just meant Temple Run. That’s how I’ve been passing my time.

Just to change topic, unlike many other bands you have a female drummer, Jess Bowen, how important do you think it is for women to make their mark on the scene?
It doesn’t matter guy or girl, I mean look at We Are The In Crowd, Tay is amazing and she’s a girl. I used to play drums myself and we’ve toured with a countless amount of bands and we’re talking some heavy bands and Jess hits the drums as hard as any dude we’ve ever toured with and they’re not afraid to admit it so having her has been a blessing she’s awesome. She’s as good as anybody.

You mentioned you’ve had the pleasure to play with lots of bands over the years but who has been the best to play with so far?
It’s hard to tell, we’ve never had a bad experience with any band we’ve ever toured with. Our favourite band to ever tour with has always been The Cab, they’re our best friends, they’re only a couple of hours away from us, we’ve just done so many tours with them and we’re the same age so even when we’re not on tour, we’re hanging out with them. The Yellowcard and All Time Low tour in the US was just one of my favourite supporting act tours we’ve ever done. A Rocket to the Moon were another band we’ve had an amazing time with so we’ve been fortunate enough to have a good experience with all the bands.

Did you find the band gained more fans from those tours?
Yes, especially the All Time Low one. That band has some fans. I’ve never been treated so well by a headlining band the way All Time Low treated us.

Which is your favourite song to play live?
Probably When We Were Young. It just means most to me, and its fun.

Do you prefer to only play newer songs now or do you occasionally throw some older songs into a set?
I grow out of stuff like personally I emotionally grow out of stuff so I just don’t like singing about what those songs are about anymore but I mean, we started this band really young so as far as I’m concerned songs I wrote when I was 18 are shit, I was brand new at this. We always find ourselves getting better so I just always want to play my best stuff

Last year you released an album and an EP, so what’s the plan for 2012?
After this, we go home and take our first real break in about four years. we’re gonna take the summer off, we’re all moving into a house we’re gonna write a new record, record it sometime by the end of the year, maybe a little tour at the end and start 2013 with a brand new record and a bunch of touring all over again.

Is there any plans for the break or is it concentrating on the record?
Write the record and enjoying the most miserably hot Arizona summer I could ever imagine. We live in the hottest state on the planet. We have a pool in our house so who knows if we’ll actually do a record. Between Temple Run and my swimming pool I don’t think we’ll actually make a record but if we do it’ll be awesome. It’ll probably be about Temple Run and swimming pools. Infact, I think we’re gonna call it Temple Run and swimming pools. You heard it right here first, the next Summer Set record is called Temple Run and Swimming Pools.

— Stevie

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