Forever The Sickest Kids 2010

Forever The Sickest Kids – October 2010
Before hitting the stage in London, in support of Bowling For Soup, Forever The Sickest Kids sat down with Fran to chat about…well, everything really!

Hi guys. Could you please introduce yourselves for us?
Austin: My name is Austin Bello; I play bass and sing in the band.
Kyle: My name’s Marc, I play lead guitar
Kent: My name’s Jonathan and I’m lead singer
Marc: Hey, my name’s Kyle and I play the drums
Caleb: This is Caleb, I play guitar and sing.

Thank you. So you have an EP called The Weekend: Saturday coming out soon…
Marc: Funny you should mention that because
Kent: PSYCH!
Marc: We psyched everyone out, while we were working on The Weekend: Saturdaywe just decided that it was our best work that we’d done and we all put of a lot of heart and soul and blood – real blood! – into the album so we wanted to make it a full length album, so we are postponing the whole Saturday thing and the EP thing and releasing a self titled full length album. That will be out in the States in March and hopefully the same time here.

It’ll be about six months later, probably!
Kent: Probably. But yes, what Marc said.
[Jonathan Cook, vocals, enters]
Kent: Shh…he’s on vocal rest.

Back to the EP thing – we wanted to know what are your favourite things about the weekend?
Marc: The weekend is still on, it’s just postponed
Jonathan: We still like weekends
Kyle: My favourite part about the weekend would have to be…going to the movies. There’s nothing like going to the movies on a Friday.
Austin: Have you ever heard of movie taverns?

Austin: In America we have movie theatres where you can order food and they just bring it to you while you’re watching the movie.
Caleb: On the weekends I go to a golf range with Kent and we hit golf balls.
Kent: Golfing is my favourite thing to do on the weekends.
Kyle: I went to the gun range. And I shot some guns –
Marc: – people
Kyle: It’s like…POW.
Kent: There’s a gun range in Dallas where they actually bring out real zombies and you get to shoot them. It’s crazy.

That sounds outstanding. So, how are you finding the tour so far? Are you finding a lot of your fans are coming out or is it different supporting than headlining?
Jonathan: There are a lot of Bowling For Soup fans
Austin: Yeah, Bowling For Soup has been very gracious taking us out and they have a huge, huge fanbase and we’re grateful to be playing in front of their fanbase, definitely.

Sorry about the weather by the way, it’s been pretty cold.
Jonathan: It hasn’t been raining.
Austin: Every time we’ve been here it’s been, like, November and it’s freezing. This time it hasn’t been too bad.
Jonathan: Are you from proper London?

I’m not from proper London, no.
Jonathan: I thought you were from Edinburgh based on your accent

Um…no. Nowhere near. Speaking of places, though, you’ve obviously toured here and you’ve been to Australia but is there anywhere you haven’t toured that you’d really like to play?
Austin: China
Marc: Peru
Caleb: China
Jonathan: China
Austin: China is a big one. India would be awesome.

How long do you have left on the tour here? Any other plans for while you’re in England?
Caleb: It is October the…12th which means two more weeks.

Quite a long tour…
Caleb: What they say over here is the longer you stay, the more the UK likes you.
Marc: So we booked, like, six months in Hyde Park Towers. We’ll just be hanging out.
Jonathan: We’ll just stay at the Holiday Inn near Hyde Park Towers
Kent: We’re actually going to Ireland for the first time as a band
Marc: That’ll be cool
Kent: We’re looking forward to that
Jonathan: Do you believe in luck? Like, four leaf clovers and horseshoes?

Umm, no, not really…
Jonathan: We’re going to see if we can figure out if luck is real.

That sounds interesting! So, it’s October, which is my favourite month, so I have to ask you about Halloween. Because in America you guys get real Halloween, we don’t do it properly.
Austin: Really?

No one really dresses up or goes Trick or Treating.
Austin: When you guys go out to like, clubs or whatever you dress up anyway!
Marc: You dress up the whole year

Haha, we do that, yeah.
Caleb: This is going to be first time, like, ever in the band that we’re going to be home for Halloween. So we’re gonna be trick or treating, smashing pumpkins, all that.
Jonathan: Did you know last year we were all different things on Halloween, at House Of Blues in Chicago.

What were you?
Marc: Kyle was Gumby.
Kyle: I was Gumby
Marc: (to Austin) You were Kiss.
Austin: I was a dancer! That was two Halloweens ago! Thank you!
Marc: Oh yeah, he was, like, an exotic dancer. Like a stripper.
Caleb: I was a mummy

That must have made it pretty hard to move around…
Caleb: Yeah, it sucked.
Kent: I was a clown. A scary clown.
Marc: Jonathan was a…dead balloon zombie boy.
Kent: UFO boy!
Jonathan: A zombie dead version of balloon boy
Marc: I think he was a combination of four costumes

What are your favourite scary movies?
Austin: Friday The Thirteenth
Jonathan: Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the new one
Kent: Hocus Pocus. That’s about as scary as I get.
Austin: The Last Exorcism was pretty good. I’m looking forward to seeing that again on Halloween.
Jonathan: Saw 17
Marc: I really like The Murder Of Kyle Burns In London By Marc Stewart. It’s a very good movie.
[all laugh] Crazy good.
Jonathan: They had to get a girl to play Marc Stewart

Right, now I want to ask a couple of questions about your thoughts on the music industry. I want to ask what your thoughts are on music being downloaded and people not buying CDs and whether or not you guys still want to release CDs or if you want to release your music in different ways or just generally what you’re feeling about that?
Marc: It definitely hurts the label side of things but, as an artist, you definitely want people to hear your music and people are downloading ours right now and you just have to deal with it. That’s kind of a way that we’ve latched on to give to our fans. We’ll give out songs for free, y’know, and we embrace that fact. It’s definitely – I know I personally would rather see more kids at our shows, singing our songs, than making money off a couple who downloaded or, y’know.
Kyle: We should start releasing songs in Braille
Jonathan: This is a public service announcement: musicians have feelings too. Yeah. Just think about that.

A lot of bands are releasing their music as a pay-what-you-like download. What do you think of that? Is it something you’d ever be interested in doing?
All: We’d love that
Austin: Major labels don’t usually allow that type of thing so, um. No, that’s awesome though, those bands that do.
Jonathan: If we had the choice to give our music away and have it on more iPods and more kids hearing the music we’ve written that would be our choice. Whatever the way – if it’s free, if you pay us a penny, if we pay you to put it on your iPod…
Austin: …or if you give us a million dollars.
Kyle: We should do pay as you go.
Marc: Get a Skype account.

Maybe Something like Spotify?
Marc: We have something like that, it’s called Pandora
Jonathan: We don’t have proper Spotify yet

That’s pay as you go, that’s the future. Okay, I’m sure you’ve had tonnes of interviews and you’ll probably have loads more before you leave. Are there any questions you never get asked that you always think you’d want to be asked?
Marc: Usually with every interview there’s one thing we wish that they’d ask.
Austin: I think it’s the same thing for all of us, ‘where did you get your band name’
Jonathan: No one ever asks us that

Where did you get your band name?
Marc: Jonathan?
Jonathan: You know the barcode on the bottom of cereal boxes? You know how it has a number? Well, we decoded the numbers on five different cereal boxes and realised it all goes back to the same four letter combination – F, T, S K – and then after we put those barcodes together we came up with an acronym that fit. Like, what do we think FTSK means? And Kent was like, well, F could be forever because we wanna do this forever, y’know, then Kyle –
Kyle: – I voted Flying Toaster Steel Kites. Yeah. I got outvoted.
Jonathan: You wouldn’t believe how many acronyms we came up with for FTSK before we landed on THE one. It was given to us by a barcode, we believe a lot in scrambling, decoding.
Austin: Kites almost made it, though. It was almost Forever The Sickest Kites.

That would have been interesting, for sure. OK, I haven’t got much time left so just one last question, because this is something that I think is important. Jonathan, I see your shirt – To Write Love On Her Arms – are there any other organisations like that you think people should support?
Jonathan: We’ve teamed up an organisation called the Blood: Water Mission and we’ve actually been able to put a bucket on our merch table when kids can give whatever they feel, a dollar gives one child in Africa clean water for a year and so we’ve been able to build clean water wells in the central Africa region
Marc: We just built our seventh
Jonathan: We actually have repaired broken wells as well so tribes that have gone without clean water for a long time that used to have it, we’ve brought clean water back to them. And right now we’re thinking of putting our heads together about possibly starting our own organisation in 2011 that we start as a band.

That’s great. Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of the tour!
All: Thanks!


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