CtrlAltRock is a collective of girls who were brought together through a love of music. We cover the latest in alternative pop, rock and everything in between – whatever takes our fancy! We’re fans first and we aim to provide you with the content that you want, including interviews, photographs and features introducing you to our favourite unsigned bands and much more.

 Established in January 2011, CtrlAltRock is determined to create a name for ourselves synonymous with passion, creativity and, above all, a love for music. 

We love to hear your feedback and if there’s something else you think we could be doing then feel free to get in touch – all our email addresses are below and our Tumblr ask box is always open!

Shiona Walker
Editor. Photo-taker.

Scottish. Magic. Vanilla Coke. Swarovski. Mighty Boosh. Cupcakes. Ham(p)sters. Stationary. Cocktails.

Tumblr | Twitter | Blog

Bella Talking. Listening. Asking. Writing. Interviewing. Reviewing.

Aussie. Vegan. Munchkin. Coffee. Travel. Crochet.

Tumblr | Twitter

Listening. Writing. Asking.

English. Giant. Star Wars. Union Jacks. Tea. Travelling. Machine.


4 comments on “About

  1. Well, first off big fan. I love a lot of the interviews ya’ll do and flipping through is what I tend to do in my nonexistent free time. So I was wondering how you got this website started? How did you create ctrlaltrock and be able to do the things you do?

  2. Hey Breanna!
    So sorry for taking so long to get back to you – thanks for the support!
    We’re working on a more comprehensive about us so check back soon 🙂

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